What a day!!!
What a wonderful day!
Day to start again
And to celebrate :
I am free!!!
I am finally free!

No tears
No remorse
No pitty
Of course
I am focused
And I am alone
You are gone!

I am still in one piece
No broken bones
And I have all my teeth
And I’m  flying away
You stay!

You was trying to rape me
And take me apart
You needed my soul
And my body
To start
Being ruined
And crush

No rush…

But now I am strong
And I can withstand
No tears
No regret
No sweat

I am free
I am not your pet
Don’t forget!

I am moving away
You can cry
But you stay
I am leaving you
For good…

And my life
Like a leaf
Flying high
With that breeze
Don’t follow me
I am leaving you once
And forever!!!