Life is not easy.

Don’t tell me life is hard
Why you waiting?
Let’s get start!!!
All the chances flying fast
Life like a bird
Where is your sword?

Don’t waist your time in tears
Be the one of musketeers
Fight for life and fight for all
If you stop you’ll pay a toll

Don’t think and wait and stop
Just be ready to get up
And try hard and fight to win
Jump and dodge and try and spin

You not only one in line
Take your chance before decline
Get you lucky ticket now
Only you should know how

Only you the one to glory
Don’t tell me – “I’m sorry”
No excuses
Never fail
Don’t put yourself in jail

Feel a wind under your wings
Go forward and you win

That’s what father tought his son
You my son
And you the one
I am old
You young and strong
Go where you belong

Do whatever you should do
Life Not easy
It is true
But my son
You strong enough
Be the warrior
Be taugh!!!