APKO stories.
Hey it’s me again. APKO.
Ok Now you know that I have a dual personality, triple rather.
Today I prefer a cat.
I am soft, gentle and a bit lazy.
BTW I was on Broadway show “Cats” last week.
It was amazing.
I wish I can sing and dance like them.
I remember the lyrics :”touch me…it’s so easy to leave me… all alone with my memory of my days in the sun…if you touch me you’ll understand what a happiness is…”
Yes, I totally agree.
It’s amazing how touch can change your life.
Cats can die if nobody touches their back for a long time. And how relaxing massage is!!!
And how much warm feelings can give the mother to her baby only by touching his body. How sensitive our skin is to the touch of loved ones. Wow.
So here is my story. Once upon a time there lived an old lady. She lived with her old cat all alone in the city. And she had a cozy little cabin in the suburbs where she loves to spend her summer time. One of those hot days she laid down to take a nap…and when she opened her eyes in a little while – she felt very strange.
Something wasn’t right in her body. She looked around – it was dark.” wow “-she thought – how long I slept?”…
She was trying to get up…
But she couldn’t…
All her body was numb!
She did not feel her arms or legs.
She was laying like this for hours. Helpless. Thinking.
For hours.
Sometimes she was sleeping sometimes awake.
In the morning she looked down her body and saw her big old cat laying right on her chest. She felt a little better – she is not dying alone. Hours and hours pass by. She lost a sense of time. She was waiting passionately with her best friend hugging her.
On the third or whatever day when she saw a first light in the window – she was trying to move as usual. And amazingly she felt like she can do it!!!! She moved her fingers, arms, legs – they were back!!! Holding her breath she stretches her whole body muscle by muscle. They were alive!!!
It took her long hour to sit in her bed. A long hour to reach to the phone. A few minutes till the ambulance arrived.
After they discharged her from the hospital she came to her cabin to bring her cat home. She looked for him everywhere. Called his name loud. No answer.
And finally, she found him under the porch.
Paralyzed but still alive!!!
By next morning he was dead in her loving arms petting him.
Lesson #2
Love can do miracles. She was with her cat until his last minute. She came right in time to cuddle him and comfort his faraway journey.
Love endless.