Арko stori or storry? ( you should forgive my spelling ).  You know that I am an immigrant. ( I gonna tell you later where I came from.) You will be surprised – but I don’t remember the name of my planet.
Was too young.
All I remember was a big boom.!!!!
I was send  here for a good reason – help poor, innocent ppl who indure humiliation and I am doing my mission since.
I know that I can go back home only when my help is not in demand any more.
So far I got so much work to do – I need your help.
I know a lot of ppl who always has a cookie for a hungry, a blanket for a frozen and smile on their face for a change.
Lesson #5
Sometime all you need is smile from a stranger to feel better.
Here is my social media, Facebook, and instagram.   I’ll  be glad to help you in your crisis.

  l never had a formal aducation – just learn on the streets from students who skipped classes.
And they are not the best teachers.
Basically, they don’t know nothing.
Lesson #6
Learn from the best and rich to the star!!!

Hey, kids!
Missed me?
I miss you tremendously.
So once upon a time here lived a хамелеон( chameleon). His name is Chaim. ( Хам по- русски)
I met him once or twice and oh boy – what a character!
My tail is very sensitive to this kind of ppl.
It starts itching and burning. My tail is like a thermometer – usually, my stripes are black and white.  But when a bad person is nearby – they changed colors from pink to red. On the scale from  1 to10
Also if the sins of the person is… so-so – only a few stripes change colors and bother me. But only once my tail became all red
and I felt it would burn down in a minute !!!
It was the time when I met this dude Chaim.
Nice guy, good looking,  big businessmen, wife and an expensive car.
But when he meet ppl – all he needs to know is how much $$ they worse.
His eyes started to blink if you got a dough.  But if you poor – he would never even bother to talk to you.
Lesson #7
Be smart not to calculate somebody ‘s money.
Remember the more money –  the more psychiatric bills this person are paying.
Long story short this Chaim
has a son and a  stepdaughter.  And he was always playing God towards poor kids. Like: ” I know more than you, I am smarter than you, I am richer – I live in the penthouse and you – where do you live?” FRRRR
I need to scratch my tail sorry.
How many times this chameleon curse his kids!!!
Ты – дурак. Ты – дура!!!
Means you stupid!!!
And the next day: ” Oh,
please do me a favor – you know I love you söoooooo much- please bring me a small bag with my tools from NY to Miami.  Just a little box “- once he begged his daughter.
And a kind girl brought a heavy box of tools because she truly loves chameleon dad.
A week later she needs to give the keys from her apartment to a tenant because she was out of town.
And chameleon has a spare key. You think he helped his daughter?
No way Hosey!!!
Reason?  He was busy doing pedicure to his wife.
And a cherry on the top of the cake – he phoned his stepdaughter yelling that she is stupid because she is out of town and bothers him with her stupid keys!!! Such a jerk.
Lesson #8
Don’t spill in the well. You never know where to drink from when you thirsty.

I can’t talk about him anymore – my tail is about to burn down.

But I got more stories for you.
See you later alligator (sorry another proverb from the streets). I gonna go to Harvard next semester to improve my personal life.
Adios for today?
LOVE Yah kids.