Hey there!

Good morning!

It’s me – cat-zebra-squirell? – APKO.

I see your smile and I am happy.

It’s always nice to start  your day with exercise for your lips.

Also a smooch is a perfect exercise in the morning.

But you have to have someone to kiss and smile to.

And it’s not easy to find a partner, a trusted friend, a person whom you gonna spend the entire life -your husband and wife.

Somebody to talk to from the bottom of your heart.

Somebody who understand you even when you not saying a word.

Your alter ego.

In some cultures – parents arrange the matching process.  And I think it’s a very good idea.

But often ppl don’t have time to know each other deep enough.  They met on line, go out a few times. Have no patience to know more about partner.

Boom!!!  – got married.

And here where the problem started: concerns, misfortune, anxiety,  worry, mischief,  disturbance, annoyance, mess, disappointment and grief. In one word:   TROUBLE.

Frrrrr. You name it.

Results???  DISEAS. Dis-EASE!!!

But we all looking for harmony and ease. Aren’t we?We all need Love. ( remember ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, LOVE IS ALL…)

So my advice for today.

No rush.

Take your time.

Think twice.

Trust your heart.

And  have a Little Bit of Luck on your side. ?