Hey there!

Hope everything is good.

And everyone is happy and healthy!!!

But what if NOT?

What if you not fortunate and you poor and sick?

And you don’t know where to go?

What if your best friend Betrayed you?

What if you lost your job?

And you don’t have place to stay tonight?

And you hungry.

What if it’s dark, cold and you don’t know where to go?

That’s a challenge.

That’s a situation.

It’s easy to be nice when life is easy.

Try to be nice in the dark.

What I recommend in this case?

Stay where you are now.

Wait till the sunrise.

Get up and go out.

Just be outside.





Talk to ppl.

Just a small talk can connect you to ppl.

Trust me – not all of them hurtfull and nasty.

There is a lot of ppl who need you.


Try to give instead of take.

We always have something precious from the bottom of our hearts to give to needy.

Even smile.

Even handshake.

A Hug would be perfect.

A warm hug can heal a wound.

And soon you might feel something is growing inside your soul.

Trust me:

LOVE grows by giving.

Today you plant a seed.

Tomorrow blossoming a flower.

And YOU be a happy Gardner!!!