APKO #21  Love continues

Yesterday I wasn’t even close to the understanding
what the heck LOVE  is…
Because I don’t know what that is.
To be honest with you nobody knows. Haha.
But everybody think that they experts in that.
Yah  right!!!
Listen carefully :
Nobody knows what LOVE is
I don’t know what you feel.
Because I can’t feel what you feel.
Nobody can feel what you feel.
Nobody walked with you on your path.
We all like a molecules in a big jar.
You know what chaos means?
Chaos is opposite to order.
So we not sitting in order like an eggs in carton box.
We moving in that box as crazy.
And we impact!
Two molecules just hit each other.
So what?
They just slightly touched each other and bounced away from each other.
Prrrrrrr. Prrrrrfecto!!!
And look!!!
That little shiny  baby-molecule crashed into a big fat element… And oh! No!…
She burst into a little shiny peaces.
I hope there is another molecule who can help her and put her pieces together.
There is always someone like a bandaid to cover your wounds. And stop your bleeding.
But you need to be in right place in particular time.
Not all of you that lucky.

I was born on different planet.
You was born in your family.
And all families are different
Some families are really weird.
They don’t know what LOVE is.
And they don’t even want to learn it.
They just busy doing other stuff – earning money, entertain themselves and enjoy life without love.
Love is terra incognito for them.
They can love their dog and horse and a good cigar.
What the heck is this?
” Why do I need LOVE?
And how much it costs?
Last time I bought it – it hurts at the end.
So I’d rather have to buy something else but “love”.
Something more valuable.
Something that I can sell with profit if I want to… ”
That’s what smart rich old pig thinks.
But shiny little molecule who likes to dance and sing – she thinks differently:
” Ok.
This time I wasn’t lucky enough.
I failed.
Probably I wasn’t attractive enough.
May be I sung not in tune.
Or danced awkward.
That’s why he left me for that ugly fat molecule.
But next time…
I gonna buy myself a nicer outfit and I gonna take a singing and dancing classes.
So I can compete.”
On vanity fair.
And nobody knows what LOVE is because…
Who knows… ?
I gonna try to find out by asking you – my friends.
May be you experienced LOVE.
Maybe you can share it with us?