Life is not giving you easy ride
First second of game –
And GOAL!!!
You should taking a baby steps
Sweat while digging the coal

First you digging
And only dirt
Second you see the sand
Try digging
And always keep in mind
You not even close to end

And when your crew
Betrayed you and stop
Cuz after sand was  earth rock
Keep digging even your shawl broke
Buy new one and brake the rock

And after decade of crushing the rock
You finally see the slit
You heart would pound
And sweat blind eyes
Keep digging
And don’t stop

And miracles happen

To those who
Don’t stop no matter what
You’ll see the dirty piece
Of a stone
Scratch it – it’s a Diamond itself!!

So never give up
And follow you dream
Let God be your Boss
Be a wonderful team!!!