APKO #12 help clinic.
Hooray good ppl!!!
Good morning!
Have a nice day!!!
I am giving you my biggest smile absolutely for free!
Today I am in a medical mood.
Imagine if there is an apparatus detecting what’s inside you.
Detecting your mood.
But it’s not an ex-ray, not an echo, not a sonogram
It’s a mood detector.
Basically it’s how my tail works.
Remember my tail can change colors near disturbansies.
Any kind of situations – bullying,  fighting,  yelling or screaming.
The most difficult situation is when disturbance is inside. You can’t see it but my tail detects.
And itch.
And burn.
And OMG. It hurts!!!
So I want to open a clinic.
Named HELP.
Means: Here Everyone Love
Or: Here Everyone Love Peace!
Have Every Life Prosper!!!
Read this words and repeat it like a mantra.
It’s my remedy.
Don’t you know that the best remedy is a word.
Simple word of love.
It’s a scientific fact that after a big surgery those who surrounding by loving family and friends recover faster.
Because they hearing words of love and encouragement.
“Hey buddy we love you!!!
We need you.
You can make it!!!”
So in my clinic we gonna give ppl real help for free.
And it’s not the physician clinic where they give you a prescriptions.( haha like they gonna help you)
Not the psychiatric ward where they fix you and tranquilise.
Not the phycic office where you only talk and he/she is only listening.
But  he/she is not even allowed to give you an advise.
I want to give the disturbed person real HELP in real bottle.
Imagine prescription :
2 smiles, 3 big hugs and 10 stroking the head.
Isn’t it more effective than any pills?
But the biggest problem is not how to treat a disease but early detection.
Профилактика !!!
Are you with me?
You know that one little quarrel can lead to a big trouble.
Even divorce. brrrrrrrrrrr
I hate this word.
It’s when 2 adults killing their poor kids every time when they fight.
Every curse is a boolet in your kids heart.
So be careful with divorces.
You are living behind a disabled kid for the rest of his childhood.
Maybe for the rest of his life.
That’s unexeptable.
That’s bad.


So in my HELP clinic I would prevent the extreme conditions.
I would give LOVE absolutely for free.
That’s how Lord teaches us.
“Love is all you need”( said one famous disturbed kid after  his parents divorce)
So are you agree to follow me?
To create a HELP clinic?
If we get together all over the world and prevent troubles inside us – the world would blooming.
Our lives would change.
Our Lord would be happy!!!
All we need is virtually stick together.
And HELP each other.
And Love.
That’s all we need.
Aren’t we?