APKO #13         Birthday of smile
Happy birthday to me – APKO!!!
Happy bd to my smile!!!
I pet my head today with my tail in the morning to make myself feel good.
If you don’t have relatives around and your friends are still sleeping in their beds – you should comfort yourself in the morning.
Get up
Look in the mirror
And say: ” What a perfect face I see outthere!!!”
And smile
Don’t forget to smile.
Smile is the first birthday gift you can give yourself.
Why I am talking about bd?
Because every day I am like a newborn for this particular day!!!
It’s unique day.
You would never have the day like today.
So try not to mess it up.
You couldn’t make it over.
It’s your last chance to make it THE DAY.
Make it happiest day in your life.
For you and those around you.
And you can easily do it with your smile!!!
Smile is better than
something material.
But the most valuable gifts in our lives not  from material matter.
So what is it you wondering.
It’s LOVE.
And Love begins from smile.
And smile jump start from your own face.
So you kind of a power station.
By producing smiles you enhancing love around you.
And I realized lately that smile doesn’t cost you a dime.

You can spread smiles and give out love absolutely for free!!!
You a millionaire!!!
From now on – you a messenger and provider.
But your own smile is more important.
You need to collect as many smiles as possible in the morning to generously give it out during the whole day.
Emagine: by the end of the day you gave away all your smiles.  ?  and nothing left.
Be rich on smiles so you always have one under your belt.
” under my belt…but I don’t have a belt”…
So keep your smiles behind your ears.
So they can be always close to pull out.
And shine your face.
I know that even the ugliest face in the town become a beautiful and lighten up when you smile.
Sometimes there is a rainy nasty day and you hate everything and everyone.
And look around you.
Nobody smile around.
They all hiding under umbrellas trying to reach their destination ASAP.
But you –
It’s contagious.
It’s like electric power station.
It brings warms and tranquility in ppl’s hearts

You – power station!!!
Because you got million smiles behind your ears.
And because you kind and generous to share it with whole world.
Your millionaire power station spreading the smiles around the world because you don’t need a wires to spread a smiles.
My next poem:

Keep your smile
For a while
But not for long
Just be strong
To give your smile away
Every hour!!! Every day!!!