APKO is here to tell you about my own experience.
Bad experience.
Embarrassing experience.
You know how I look like?
My tail is pretty long.
It’s longer than my body.
It’s longer than a subway vagons.
Just kidding you.
So  a long story short.
I went to the restorant once.
It wasn’t a fancy – shmency place.
To be honest with you it
was a Burger King place.
And I bought a nice meal for myself.
And I was comfortably sitting by my table
Enjoying my meal.
Daydreaming about a nice trip to a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean where I can spend the rest of my life surrounded by my family and friends.
And I didn’t realize that my long tail is laying on the next bench.
Last thing I felt was –  something very heavy squeezed my sensitive tail!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah –
I yelled.
And all eyes was on me!!!
What happened?
Obviously a big fat ass buffalo was ended up on my tail!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa – he yelled responding to my Aaaaah!
And he threw his hot coffee on my silly head.
Because my long tail caught him off guard.
He just landed on my tail!!!
Because my tail was laying in the wrong place.
Oh boy!
It was totally my mistake!!!
Why in the world I didn’t control my body part?
I looked terrible with hot coffee all over my pretty face and tail under the Buffalo’s tuhes.
He couldn’t get up cuz he was too fat.
He was shaking.
I was crying.
I was embarrassed.
He was shocked.
I was trying to pull my tail away and finally free myself
And run away from this place.
All I heard on my way out was laugh.
Laugh from all the customers inside that place.
Lesson for  smart guys:
Never sit on 2 chairs.
Before you landed – look out and put yourself together.
Keep yourself safe and in one piece.
Nobody cares about your body  but you.
Watch out.