Good morning my friends!!!
Today I am sad ?
I few years ago I lost my best friend
Dog name was Romeo.
What a wonderful friend he was to me!!!
We were like hand and glove
Or like car and driver
Or like bread and butter
You know what I mean
We were unbreakable
We lived together
We ate together
We played together
And when my dog got sick –
I was sick too
And how!!!
I was trying my best to save him
I showed him to the best doctors in the town.
They were helpless ?
And then I looked at the sky seeking help from higher Power.
But I was told then:” Be strong.
It’s just his time.
There is a list here.
And everyone goes according to this list
In particular time.
So it’s time for Romeo to go. We need him here
But it doesn’t mean that he dissapering from your life forever.
He will stay in your soul now Forever
That’s why you got memories
It’s like a video player
Every time in your convenience you can rewind.
Remember that day when you was picnicking in the park with him and your mom.
Yes, that sunny day
When you throw acorns in his head. And he likes it.
Or that evening when you took a long walk along the shore and he chased a beautiful bird.
Or when you took a  crosscountry trip in the car.
Just a two of you
What a wonderful time you had together
So be grateful that you wasn’t alone.
Don’t cry that he passed
Smile that he was with you for so long and never betrayed or hurt you.
Be grateful that you still alive and remember him
It means he is here with you
His spirit is around you
He is protecting you because he is still your best friend
Best friends never die
He will always  watch over you and protect you.
You know that those who loved you once became your guardian Angels
So now you know the name of yours
It’s ROMEO.”
After that you should feel much better
You not alone anymore
I am glad that you have a guardian Angel whom you always can  trust by the name ROMEO.
And  say :
Thanks Romeo!
We are still best friends!!!
I can feel it.
Me and you.