APKO #20 love and fear.
Good morning kind ppl!!!
Today I want to talk about love.
What is that LOVE all about?
Unconditional love.
There is no fear in true love.
Pure love never experienced fear.
Fear and love doesn’t match.
If you scared – you can’t be in love.
Love is pure substance
Love doesn’t need spices
God is giving us pure love
Devil spices it with jealousy,
torment and pains.
When Adam and Eve tasted that apple they saw that they naked and hide in bushes.
God came and ask :” Adam where are you?”
And Adam reply :” I heard your voice but I am scared because I am naked and hiding “!!!

That’s the first time when a human being started to feel fear.
God asked then:” who told you that you naked?
And why you ate from that particular tree in the middle of the garden? Didn’t I tell you not to taste fruits from that tree?”
And… Oooops
Here the first lye was born.
And first Betrayal.
Adam said:” you gave me that wife. And she gave me that Apple. And I ate”
Eve said:”serpent ( snake) seduced me and I ate apple”
Bravo Eve!!!
At least you not a lier.
So at the very beginning our ancestors were sinners.
So how strong we should be to fight that heritage in us???
Wow ?
How many ppl never experienced fear, torment and never lie?
So congratulations – we all sinners.
Any suggestions?