Good day everybody!!!
Why we are saying EVERYBODY?
Aren’t we only BODY? Means torso and extremities?
Where is our brain goes? Aren’t the brain is the most important part of our body? Maybe we should call us EVERYBRAINY instead?
Oh sorry.
Just saying.
Today I woke up in creative mood.
But let’s not invent the bicycle again.
How many good stuff was invented since?…Telephone,  iPhone, gps, Tesla automat car…you name it!!!
Artificial legs and arms, transplantation of the heart and liver!!!  Wow?
You think it’s the end of the regular human bein living simple life?

I promise you and 100% positive that all this fun stuff was invented by people who just wanted to have fun (поприкалываться).
So don’t worry.

The main  part of humanbein is…
Guess what?
Yes! ?
Who knows what that is raise your hands!
I would say it’s a Lord’s gift for stupid people who don’t know what to do with this gift.
Some of them washing it with alcohol on the regular basis.
Some – bloking with drugs.
Some ruined with negative thoughts.
You know how easy it is to brake a fragile vase?
And that’s what we are doing constantly.
With our rude words,  weird behavior and reckless driving – we are breaking our vases – our Souls…
I am asking you – WHY?

Lesson # 6
Treat yourself like a fragile gift from LORD.
Nobody can fix you if you out of order.

When He ☝ is busy fixing others.