APKO  poem about smile.

When I get up in the morning
I am smiling like a pony
When I’m going to bed
Vyala!!! – I am a cat!!!

Sometimes squirrel
Sometimes cat
От меня вам всем ПРИВЕТ

When you happy
And you smile-
You give sweetness
For a while
To the people
To the world
And make smiling
Even  LORD

So smile
Don’t hesitate
Rather smile
Than yell and hate

Smile – contagious
Share the smile
Outrageous not to smile!!!

You was born to love and
Laugh and smile
Is not enough
You was born to share
You was born to pair

So easy
So pleasant
Give a smile away
Like a present
Give it like a precious gift
It is beautiful and swift…

APKO telling it to you
Потому что всех ЛЮБЛЮ!!!