Hey it’s me again – your old buddy Apko!
Today I gonna talk about my diet.
  You will be surprised – my diet is a bit complicated.  When I am a zebra – l prefer grass. Cat loves fish, squirrel – nuts.
Obviously I can’t devour those yams all at once. I have to be very careful with my diet.
About a month ago I decided to clean my system and diet.
Don’t ask me why.
Just another good advertisement.
You know I am a very trustful creature.
If you tell me jump from the bridge – I will.
Just out of curiosity.
  To feel what ppl feel jumping from the bridge. But I won’t die because on my way down I change to a squirrel and use my long tail to hang on!!!
Lesson # – I forgot the number: never be a copy cat – think twice – then act.
Wow!!! See I am a poet now!
Another not needed capacity lol.
But I am glad, что я – поэт.
I can sing and I am glad!!!
I can sing
And I can dance
And my skills got deep and dense… Wow!!!
Back to my story.
I decided to diet.
I read on line about this and that diet and decided to do extrim: first week – only drink. Second week – stop any food and drink. Because they said that we eat unhealthy food and I trusted them!!!
Oh it wasn’t easy.
It was real torture.
And yesterday – hurray!!!  – I got to go to the birthday party!!! And I forgot about my diet and finally – мне крышу- то снесло конкретно!
I ate a lot of grass, fish and nuts and drink a lot of milk on the top of it.
That was bad decision. Very bad decision.
First my stomach feels like a hurricane Sandy. Then I threw up. 
What can I tell you?
I hardly survived.
Now I feel like I was vacuum cleaned from inside.
Why in the world I mess with a mother Nature?
Have no idea.
Please please please -use you common sense before – not after. Because sometimes jumping from the bridge not good for you stomach.