A lot of things in life are free.
Good morning kind ppl!!!
Smile ?
And say :” oh, what a wonderful day is coming soon!!!
Can’t wait to start it.
I am blessed! “

You know what I was thinking about lately.
About free things.
How many good stuff we got for no Money.
Just for free.
First of all – our eyes, ears, mouth etc. All our body parts we got as a gift.
We basically didn’t do nothing to earn it.
We were gifted.
So we can enjoy life.
We can smell the good coffee in the morning and listen to a beautiful music.
We can touch our pet and feel his soft fur.
We can walk along the shore and pick up a unique seashell.
It’s a lot of wonderful things we can do.
You name it.
All without spending a dime
Isn’t it a God’s gift?

My point is that the most important things in your life is  for free.
You just need to open your eyes to see.
Open your ears to hear.
Open your arms to embrace
But don’t forget to open your soul to be grateful for all of the above.
My question is:
Why ppl fighting instead of loving each other?
Am I right?