I’m in love
Flying above
All Troubles
On Earth
I’m sure ofcource
That I am in love

I don’t feel pain
And even when rain
I see this blue sky
And ready to fly
Because I feel

There is no clouds
There is no rain
There is no sorrow
There is no pain…
But only blue sky
And I am too shy
To tell you the truth

That I am in love
And all of above
Are really happened to me

I’m flying
And dying
I’m crying
And trying
To feel what you feel
And beyond

Because I’m feeling
That love
Which is healing
my wounds
And I’m trilling

I’m singing
And swinging
Because I’m bringing
That wonderful feeling
To you

I’m smiling and preying
And I’m not complaining
I’m happy
Because I’m in love!!!

Join me please!