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Oh, My Lord 3/2/17  


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02/03/2017 2:41 pm  

Oh, my Lord

My holy Lord

Give me power

And support

Don't let me

Fall on ice

Let me live

And do it nice

I won't beg

When I broke my leg

Give me power to stand

Move me forward

To the end

Give me friends

Who not betray

Let me see

Another day

Let me say

I love you Lord

You the one

Who saved this world

You my leader

My flashlight

Only you choose

Wrong from right

Oh, my Lord

My savvy Lord

You look after

Whole wild world

I always need you

And your instructions

So tired to fight

All those destructions

I will follow

I am yours

I'm your child

And of cource

You love me

And I love you

Просто я тебя люблю

Just let me be happy

Before I die

Just let me survive

And let me to rhyme...