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Loving Mother, Teacher, And Writer

Apollinaria was born in Russia. In the city of Saint Petersburg ( former Leningrad).City who gave the world a lot of famous people – Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Block, Esenin…
It’s such a beautiful city that all Russian royalty used to live there. In the palace – called Winter Palace or Hermitage.
Now it’s a world famous museum.
Isn’t it cool when you a little girl and go to the field trip with your class not to the nearest farm but in the royal residence?
It’s really mysterious city.
You know what “white nights” is?
It’s when there is no sunset and it’s all 24 hours – daylight time. You should see – it’s amazing!!!And it happens every summer in Saint Petersburg because of the geographic location of the city. No other European  can rival this experience. So in such a unique place should born unique people aren’t they?
She was born during communist era but her spirit was far away from marching with a crowd and sing along one song. She was always selforiented.  That’s why she stared to write her poems in very early age.
But family wanted her to get a high education.
Her father was a doctor – cardiologist,  her mother – geography teacher, so they were the role models and commanders.
Listening to their stories Apollinaria one day wanted to be a teacher and the next day –  a doctor. Although she still wrote her lyrics for her soule to express herself she learn a lot of unnecessary to her things- mathematics, geometry, physics, political science etc.
At the age 16th she needed to make a decision which way to go. She randomly picked a doctor. And another 7 years she spent with books of chemistry, biology,  physics,  anatomy, surgery,phycyastry etc.
It was interesting journey to the human body and nature field.
She received a medical doctor degree and started her careera as an obstetrician and gynecologist in one of the oldest hospital in Leningrad. By that time she gave birth for a beautiful baby daughter.  But spending a lot of time building up her careera she lost her first husband to infidelity.
Right on her working place – in the hospital – she met her second husband.  And gave birth for a baby boy.
By that time the communist regime started to shake.
And Apollinaria was uncertain about future of her family.  Since her husband was a jew it might not be easy for him to survive.  Family decided to leave the country.
On December 21th 1990 they arrived in JFK New York . No friends,  no family, no language,  no connections. $300 in the pocket.
She didn’t write poems at that time. She had to work.
It wasn’t an easy journey but it was her journey.  She was always behind the wheel( even though she bought her first car way later) and control situation. Her first job was a doctor ‘ s assistant.  She got lucky to work in English speaking office where she quickly picked up language. Her kids grew up so she can take another job to make ends meet. Second job was Russian translator in emergency room in the local hospital. Night shifts.
By that time she lost her second husband because he expected her to become a doctor in USA. She failed his expectations. She was devastated but had no time to sit and cry. Actually she cried inside but outside for her kids she remainded cheerful and loving mother. And again at that moment of her life poetry became her savior.
A few years passed.
Her kids flew out of the nest.
She started to travel the world,  meet nice people and started to feel a free of mind.
She met a nice man in Russia who loves her not because of her professional skills but because of her inner beauty. They got married.
And again her poetry reflect her happiness.
Little by little she left her timeconsuming jobs and started a new life.
Now she can sit back, relax and enjoy the things she loves – growing flowers, cooking, writing a poetry and thinking about life.
By that time she found her way to church. And first time in her life feel completely satisfied.
That’s what really comfort her soul. Unconditional love to God. It was so new and deep for her  that poems stared to pop up as a mushrooms after the rain.
She published her first book of poetry. Where she puts her poems from all her immigrants years – lonely nights after divorce,  bitter feelings after her best friend betrayed her and hope for a better life. God heard her prays and gave her all she asked for – good loving husband,  carrying kids, trusted friends and a peace of mind.
So after this long journey she can inspire lonely and lost souls and tell them from her experience :” never give up.”
There is always Sun up there even though you don’t see it now because of the clouds.
There is always SUN.

Poetry is not something that exists in books only. Poetry is in the sky, in the street, Poetry has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Best Mother A++ 10/10 Would have as a mother again!


Best Mother Out Of All My Mothers

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